Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caring for your jewelry

Let's start off with sterling silver. The silver that I'm starting to use religiously is called argentium silver. Argentium Silver is still considered Sterling Silver with the same label of (925), but with a few extra elements to help keep the silver, silver. The reason being, argentium silver is not supposed to tarnish as easily. However, there is no guarantee that argentium silver won't tarnish.

So, I have a couple easy ways to help keep your silver shiny! Plastic sealed bags work the best. Keep the jewelry in the plastic baggies to prevent the moisture from tarnishing your silver.

As for Gold-Filled wire, it's not supposed to tarnish. However, I hammer and solder the Gold-Filled wire... which probably exposes more of the wire to the elements. My suggestion would be the same, keep the Gold-Filled designs in a dry, plastic sealed bag.

If you're still running into tarnish issues, I also use a product called "dip-it". I've also heard of a more natural way of removing tarnish with baking powder. I'll let you know if it works!
My new friend, Malene, from iram-inal designs is the influence behind this blog. I met her at the Beehive Co-op, and she's an awesome new friend in the same boat of jewelry designer/owner. Check out her website, www.iraminal.com, her designs are fun, bright, sophisticated, and chic!