Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat Wave

No excuse for not updating my blog for the past 3 months... except for the fact that I've been battling morning sickness and trying to not get "get sick" in my studio. All I have to say is, thank goodness for modern medicine and anti-nausea drugs!

I was telling my friend at Frolic Boutique that if there was a cure for morning sickness it would be the Twilight books. Yes, I'm in my thirties, happily married, with an amazing daughter, and #2 on the way, and I can't get enough of Edward Cullen. Sorry people who are "team Jacob", I'm "team Edward" all the way! I couldn't stop reading the books; it was the only time I forgot about feeling nauseated. I can honestly say that I'm sad I've finished the books. What happens now to Edward and Bella? They just live "happily ever after"... There has to be more!

So, what does Twilight have to do with Throwing Stars Jewelry? Inspiration all the way, baby! If you were only a fly on the wall in the studio, you would see how much Edward, Bella, and Jacob go into every piece. My friend, Hope, who is helping me out in the studio, "my star apprentice", got me started on the books. That's all we talk about when we're making jewelry! While she's soldering and hammering away, and I need her insight and counseling on Twilight. I guess I could make a line dedicated to Twilight... Name every piece after a character? The "New Moon" Fall Line perhaps? Maybe that will be my fall preview, dedicated to the release of the movie!

I know, it's only fiction!