Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Accessories Show, New York

My fabulous friend, Golfo, from Tres Chic Furs is helping me out this weekend. She's letting me use a small space in her booth to display some jewelry. She does fur, and I mean everything fun, hip, new, chic, and classic too with fur.

She's sent me some of those fur scarves, one is this bright fuchsia pink and the other is more classic, a nice brown/camel color. Anyways, we'll be in booth #1234 at the Javits Center in New York. I think you'll be seeing me wearing fur and jewelry... and nothing else! Just kidding.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Store In Athens, GA

I'm gettin' out of Dodge! No really, I'm in a new store in Athens, GA called Rouge. They really like my stuff! Very exciting!

1860 Barnett Shoals Road
Athens, GA 30605

Stephanie and Sylvia Wilson, a mom and daughter team own and run this fun boutique. Stephanie got personally attached to a few items...

Olivia Necklace: Gold-Filled tear drops with gold-filled chain. With accents of amethyst and small moonstone briolettes. Reversable... wear it with the clasp in front even! It's a show stopper and one of my favorites too!

A model wearing the Angelle Hoop Earrings and the Leaf Necklace. Both are available in Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled wire.

Stephanie loved the necklace so much, she took a picture of it on her cell phone and sent it to a friend of hers. I think she may order a few more... Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

LUXE - Atlanta Summer Event

It's my first event with LUXE Atlanta, a very hip/fun/cool... what can more can I say? I could easily buy everything in that store. It looks like a bunch of stuff will be on sale, and I'll be there with a bunch of my sale items! Whoo Hoo! (I've been saying that for years before the bank started using it) Anyways, I'll be there hanging out... and trying to control my cravings for shopping. It's the hazard of making jewelry and selling to fun boutiques. All I want to do is shop! Oye!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beehive Co-op, Atlanta

I think I'm getting my bearings at the Beehive. I've met some wonderful designers who have been very helpful with suggestions on my booth. It's all about presentation. I'm good at making jewelry, and I can use all the help displaying my stuff at the Bee. Now, I can honestly say that I think my space is lookin' good! The necklaces are easier to try on, and I've removed a little bit of extra clutter.

And if you're interested in finding the Beehive Co-op, check it out at: