Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Beehive Atlanta and Groupon This Wednesday, September 22nd

Groupon Website

Ever since I became a part of the Beehive, I've come to realize how much I enjoy hanging with "my peeps".  We're a bunch of designers of all crafts, shapes, and sizes.  I always seem to walk in and start shopping, I can't help myself!  I'll see some adorable clothes for my girls, then some more clothes for me!  Then there's some yummy sweets to taste, tea I need to sip, bags I need to fill, soaps I need to smell, it's just endless!  Preeti, one of our awesome owners and designer of Spunge Designs, laughs at me when I come to update my space.  She says that I'm such a shopper.  True, but I'm in shopping heaven at the Beehive!

Here's the scoop, The Beehive is the featured Groupon tomorrow!  I know, last minute info.  But if you haven't become a fan of The Beehive and Groupon, well tomorrow is your chance!