Sunday, September 7, 2008

Luxe Atlanta

I'm in a new store in Atlanta! When I originally walked into Luxe, I knew I had to have my jewelry featured in this store. Totally my style, and I knew it would be a perfect match for Throwing Stars. And with some persistence, I'm at the store. Luxe is located in the up-and-coming area just South of Howell Mill on the West Side of Atlanta. Located at 1000 Marietta St.

A couple of years ago, I'm not sure I would have felt comfortable driving my Subaru station wagon (mommy wagon) in the area. But now, there's some cute cafes and great shopping. Just wait, in another couple of years it will be the next shopping district on the cutting edge. Or should I say that it's already there!
Enough about the area, and let's talk about Luxe! Their clothing is to die for... they carry fun, fashionista, unique, great stuff and tend to have great sample sales if you sign up on their mailing list! Yes! It's just my luck, a great store with clothing I can't resist, and with sample sales to boot! I know, I'm a sucker. If you can't click on the picture try to link though this: