Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The New Studio Buzz

I went away on vacation last month, and I came back to find I have a newly remodeled studio! Yeah! It was something that we talked about for a long time, more like talking about what my dream "creative space" would be. But, I wasn't totally sure it would really ever come to fruition. Just talking about it was overwhelming for me, and I wasn't going to do any of the manual labor! I only get away with it because I'm preggers. Otherwise I would have been in the throws of it all.

With it all done, and not being witness to all the hard work. I'm not going to get into how freakin' awesome it was that my husband, his dad and mom did all the work. Nor am I going to tell you about the 3 years worth of grime they had to scrub away before they could even start moving furniture around. Pretty much, I don't have a clue of what they really did in there. All I can say is that the studio is awesome. Even better than I could imagine.

I mean, I knew I needed to clean up my studio and make it more orderly, but I had no idea how much I needed the extra counter space. Now that I have Hope helping me in my studio, I definitely needed to explore a better use-of-space. We were literally on top of one another. If you only knew how often I used the floor as my assembly line, storage, and dumping ground (isn't that what the floor is for?). My creative space was quickly becoming an obstacle course. Try being 5 months preggo, and hopping over boxes and jewelry just to get a tool or turn on a light. Yeah, I know safe! But I just thought that was the way it was... working from home and making due. But no more people, I really feel a new wave of inspiration in my new space!

Here is a picture of the updated studio! I know it may not be the most exciting picture to look at, but for me, it's my dream!

The soldering station on the left, directly underneath the vent. The pickle pot just to the right of that. My photo booth is up, permanently. (Now I have no excuse, I need to get better about taking pictures of finished jewelry). Then the hammering station straight ahead. Notice how it's on a different table then the rest. That was on purpose and needed to be thought out and talked about for a long time. We didn't want to choose between someone soldering and someone hammering, we wanted to be able to do both at the same time. Now we aren't competing for space, we're able to do it both at the same time! Genius! Actually totally logical, but it took us a while to figure out how to make that work in the space...

Lovin' It!