Saturday, March 7, 2009


I sometimes get asked, where did the name Throwing Stars Jewelry come from?

If you have one of my business cards, take a look at the back of the card. You'll see that my website is posted on the bottom. And above that you'll see some writing:

...I took a chance late one night
I threw those stars in the sky...

I used to write poems and thoughts, and one night I wrote about taking chances. I needed to be inspired. The whole poem goes:

I looked up into the night sky
The sky was dark
And it sparkled with light
It was then that I saw it
I took that star and I threw it
It was hard, prickly and rough
But I did it anyway
Over and over again
I took a chance late one night
I threw those stars in the sky
And the way that those stars shined
They shined so bright

On the other hand, it's funny because when I wrote the poem, I didn't realize that "throwing stars" is also a karate term. Ninjas throw stars too? You mean that there is such a thing as a karate star? Come to find out, karate stars are used as a weapon. I guess Throwing Stars Jewelry couldn't be more opposite. So, if you aren't a ninja, throw your stars. Take chances and make them shine bright! Be inspired, stay inspired.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleep is Soooo Overrated, Yeah Right!

I thought I didn't need that much sleep, I actually wish I didn't need sleep at all. I could be so much more productive if I didn't sleep, but unfortunately I do... Let me rationalize for a moment and maybe I'll convince myself that I don't need that much of it... Late at night is when I get my best work done. No interruptions, just some music and me working in the studio.

If I'm working during the day there's phone calls, emails, web surfing, updating Etsy, procrastination galore, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, mommy needs, thank-you notes, Stroller Strides, cartoons with my daughter, Grey's Anatomy, Oprah, bathroom, playdates, park, grocery store, holding hands with my husband, etc. At night, I usually can work for 5 or more hours without leaving the studio! Great, right! So I'm in bed by 2 or 2:30am and I've done a tone of work!

Until I need to wake up at 7am because my daughter wants to get up. Then, I'm in trouble. Full mommy attention, when all I want is sleep! I can almost cry, I'm soooo tired from the night before that I can barely be a mom. All I can think about is sleep and coffee. By the time my husband gets home from work, I need to find the bed and sleep. So, I've pretty much missed out on some quality time with my daughter because I can't keep my eyes open; and I give my husband a high-five and hit the sheets as soon as he walks through the door. Who needs sleep anyway?

Oh, there's another thing, studio injuries and random home injuries. If you look at my hands on any given day, you'll see random cuts and scabs. I know, gross, but another casuality on lacking sleep. Even opening mail and getting random paper cuts is cause for major injury. I'm taking a jewelry class and I totally stabbed my thumb. It took 3 1/2 weeks to heal. Not that I'm looking for sympathy, well maybe a little... But, there's no winning the sleep game. I guess the best answer is that I need my 8 hours, if I can get it... Or, at least get close to it. Last night I fell asleep as soon as my daughter went down, 7:45pm, and I woke up about an hour later to brush my teeth. I didn't wake up this morning until 8:30am, and I can't even tell you, I feel so much better!

Sleep is soooo necessary!